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Gutenberg and His Printing Press

Sep 18, 2017
Gutenberg and His Printing Press

The printing press revolutionized the way books were made and information was spread. Particularly, this led to the ability to produce the Bible on a massive scale and allowing people to read God’s Word for themselves. This week we’ll be talking about Johannes Gutenberg, his invention, and how it impacted the world.



C.H. Spurgeon, Prince of Preachers

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, called the "Prince of Preachers," was a figurehead of the Reformed Baptist tradition and pastor in London for 38 years.


What’s the Point of Advent?

You've probably heard of Advent, but maybe you don't know much about it. This week we talk about what it is, the point of it, and why you should consider celebrating it this year.

John Calvin

John Calvin: Theologian and Reformer

This week we're talking about John Calvin, his role in the Reformation, and his important book, Institutes of the Christian Religion. In other news, did he kill a guy? We get into that too.